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Dealer 10, player 20: stand (correct)
Dealer busts
Dealer 10, player 20: stand (correct)
Dealer busts
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Blackjack Trainer


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  • S Stand
  • D Double/Stand
  • H Hit
  • D Double/Hit
  • P Split
  • X Surrender/Hit
  • U Surrender/Stand
  • Q Surrender/Split

Click the DEAL button to start!

How to Use the Blackjack Trainer

Follow our simple instructions below!

Blackjack is one of the funnest and most exciting games you can play at the casino. It’s also one of the best games to play, because if you play perfect strategy, the casino’s edge is very, very small. That’s why it is so important to learn how to play perfect Blackjack strategy.

Our Blackjack Trainer will do that.

Follow our directions below to fully benefit from the best free Blackjack training tool on the Net!

To get started, you must set up the rules of the game to match the type of game you want to practice and plan on playing.

Blackjack rules differ among different casinos. So, for example, if you plan on playing Blackjack at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, you should find out the rules of the various blackjack games offered there and practice that particular game.

I play the Blackjack game at the Venetian, which offers Surrender and pays 3:2 on Blackjack. I’ll set up the table rules appropriately under the OPTIONS button in the top right corner of the trainer.

If you are brand new to playing Blackjack, we recommend setting the mode to Random. The Random setting does exactly that, deals you random cards as you would get dealt in a real game.

If you are an experienced Blackjack player, we recommend setting this to Hard mode. Hard mode skews the hands to present you more difficult decisions.

Select one of the other settings if you want to practice those specific types of hands.

See the screenshot to the right.

Once you have your choices set, click on the DEAL button to begin playing.

You will be dealt cards and can now play Blackjack.

In this example hand, I am dealt a 9 and a 2. The dealer has an Ace. I am going to double down on this hand by clicking the x2 button.

Even though I lost this hand, I played it correctly as the top left dialogue box confirms.

Over time, the goal is to memorize the best moves in every situation.

You are given $1,000 to play with and each bet is $10. However, the goal of this trainer is not to win money, but to play perfect Blackjack strategy.

So although your bankroll is tracked, the more important statistic is your percentage of correct moves. As you learn and memorize the best moves to make, your goal should be a score of 100%. Anything less than 100% is giving the casino an edge and reducing your chances of winning.

The number in the green box is the number of correct moves. The number in the red box are bad moves.

That’s it, the rest of the trainer is pretty simple and self-explanatory. It’s always the most fun to play Blackjack live at the casino, but there are some decent online Blackjack options available if you are interested. We recommend checking out the BetOnline Casino which offers a Live Dealer Blackjack game and a Blackjack compatible welcome bonus. Learn more below.

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