Online Blackjack Casino Ranker

Every Blackjack table rule effects the odds of the game and your winning percentage. Even the number of decks in play matter. Knowing the Blackjack rules and understanding their effects on your odds of winning should be taken into consideration.

We want to play on tables that have the smallest house edge, giving us the best chance of winning. We’ve researched the following online casinos and calculated their house edge at Blackjack. The games are rated from best to worst (but all are pretty good options).


CasinoUSADecksSoft 17Dbl After SpSurr.ResplitsFirst DblBonusHouse Edge
BovadaYes1HitYes No3All$3,000 (25x) (5% for Blackjack)0.16
Slots.LVYes1HitYes No3All$1,000 (35x) (5% for Blackjack)0.16
BovadaYes2HitYesNo3All$3,000 (25x) (5% for Blackjack)0.46
BovadaYes6HitYesYes3All$250 (40x)0.40
DrakeYes1HitYesNoNone10,11$2,000 (400x)0.34
DrakeYes2HitYesNoNone10,11$2,000 (400x)0.66
DrakeYes6HitYesNoNoneAll$2,000 (400x)0.67
Full TiltNo8Stand YesNoNoneAll$600 (575x)0.49
bet365No1HitNo NoNone10,11$200 (500x)0.59
bet365No6Stand YesNoNoneAll$200 (500x)0.48
LadbrokesNo6Stand YesNoNoneAll£300 (150x)0.48

Red Text = Bad for the Players
Green Text = Good for the Players

The lesser the number of decks, the better for the player. The dealer standing on soft 17 is better for the player. A crucial rule is for the player to be able to double down after splitting. Being able to Surrender is a great rule for the player, but it is rare to find online. The ability to re-split Aces is a good rule for the player. Being able to double down on ANY first 2 cards is another very important rule for the player.


Bovada Casino for Blackjack

The Bovada Casino offers 9 different variations of Blackjack, but don’t get confused, there is one variation that is the best one to play, and that’s the Classic Single Deck Blackjack version.

This Bovada Blackjack game is the best we’ve been able to find on the Internet (so far). Slots.LV offers the identical game on their site.

Classic Single Deck Blackjack Rules

Single Deck Blackjack is played using one deck of cards, which is re-shuffled after each hand.
Dealer hits on a soft 17.
The player may split up to three times.
Split Aces receive only one card.
No re-splitting of Aces.
No surrender.
A split Ace and a 10-value card is not considered a blackjack.
The player wins if they hold a score of 21 or less and their hand is greater than the dealer’s final total, or if they achieve a score of 21 or less and the dealer’s final score exceeds 21.

Bovada Bonus for Blackjack

The Bovada Casino provides an initial welcome bonus of a 100% match on your first deposit for up to $1,000. And then you can take part in two reload bonuses of up to $1,000 for a grand total of $3,000 in bonuses.

Usually, an online casino does not allow you to use the bonus money on table games or video poker, but Bovada and Slots.LV do allow you to play your bonus on Blackjack. It’s just you’ll have to play A LOT to meet the wagering requirements.

Bovada Casino has a 25x wagering requirement on the sum of the deposit and bonus amounts. So if you deposit $100, you will receive a $100 bonus and will have to play 25 x $200 = $5,000 in total.

Now if you want to just play Blackjack, only 5% of your wagering will count, so now we’ll have to play 20 times more so 20 x $5,000 = $100,000.

LOL that’s kinda crazy to play that much just to clear a $100 bonus. We actually recommend that IF you want a welcome bonus, that you just play it on slots, meet the 25x wagering requirement and hope for a big payout.

Then play the Classic Single Deck Blackjack when there is no more wagering requirements related to a bonus.

Play Blackjack at Bovada Casino!